Founder and owner of PharmaFGP GmbH

In 2009, Clemens Fischer – a Harvard University MBA graduate who also holds a doctorate in medicine and a Business Economics degree – jointly founded PharmaFGP with Madlena Hohlefelder. Today, PharmaFGP is one of the leading OTC pharmaceutical companies in Europe and, in fact, the fastest growing company in the OTC market; in 2015, the company was awarded “Best OTC Company of the Year.” At the moment, Clemens Fischer is primarily focusing on the expansion of the company’s international presence – even beyond the European market into Asia and the US.

At age 17, Clemens Fischer discovered his passion for entrepreneurship after founding his own mobile phone company. Ever since, the serial entrepreneur has founded numerous companies, many of which he sold after successfully positioning them in the market; amongst the buyers are pharmaceutical giants such as Novartis, Dermapharm, and Perrigo. Most recently, the businessman sold his diet product Yokebe, the second biggest diet product in the German market, to Omega, a Perrigo subsidiary. The deal was closed in the three-digit million Euro range and was his seventh deal in a row. Before establishing his own pharmaceutical company, Clemens Fischer worked for companies such as Novartis, where he was a member of the German executive board and was responsible for the Strategy and Cardiovascular divisions.

Dr. Clemens Fischer
Founder and owner
of PharmaFGP GmbH


Madlena Hohlefelder
Co-Founder und Co-Owner
of PharmaFGP GmbH

Co-Founder und Co-Owner of PharmaFGP GmbH

Madlena Hohlefelder left her hometown of Bonn after graduating from high school to obtain a business degree at HSG St. Gallen. Overlapping this degree program, she completed her law studies at the Ludwig Maximilian University (LMU) in Munich. From childhood on, the lawyer dreamt of being an entrepreneur and of founding her own company. Prior to the joint foundation of PharmaFGP, Madlena Hohlefelder had already built up numerous companies with Clemens Fischer, many of which have been successfully sold. The most recent examples are the sale of Naturwohl Vertriebs Ltd with its lead product LactoStop to the Dermapharm Group and the sale of Naturwohl Pharma Ltd with its diet blockbuster Yokebe to Omega Pharma. Prior to her entrepreneurial success, Madlena Hohlefelder worked as a consultant at one of the largest international management consultancies, the Boston Consulting Group, in the Consumer Goods and Energy areas.



CEO of PharmaFGP GmbH

In January 2013, Natalie Weigand joined PharmaFGP as a marketing manager. She was responsible for the brands Lactostop and Yokebe, which were later successfully sold in 2014 and 2015, respectively. She also launched all successful brands of PharmaFGP and established the team and current company structure together with Clemens Fischer and Madlena Hohlefelder. Today Natalie Weigand is responsible for the operative management of the company and the strategic expansion of the portfolio in Germany and abroad. After finishing her studies in business administration, Natalie Weigand started her career at Johnson & Johnson in 2005. She started as a brand manager in Germany before transferring to the European headquarters in London in 2007.

Natalie Weigand
CEO of PharmaFGP GmbH


Dr. Axel Rebien
CFO of PharmaFGP GmbH

CFO of PharmaFGP GmbH

Dr. Axel Rebien holds the position of CFO for PharmaFGP since October 2016. After qualifying as a bank clerk (Bremer Landesbank/NORDLB) and completing his studies in economics at the University of Hanover, Dr. Axel Rebien started his career in 1999 in the transaction advisory services division of the Arthur Andersen auditing company in Frankfurt. After the merging of Arthur Andersen with Ernst & Young, he worked there as a manager in the transaction advisory division until 2005, while studying for a doctorate at Chemnitz University of Technology. He then became the CFO of Tom Tailor. In his eleven years at the fashion brand, Dr. Rebien coordinated the LBO financing and refinancing of various consortium loans. In March 2010, he took the Hamburg-based company public (Frankfurt stock exchange), and after the successful acquisition of fashion retailer BONITA as part of a cash and capital-in-kind transaction increase in August 2012, he transferred part of the external financing to the capital market via a bonded loan in June 2013.


COO of PharmaFGP GmbH

Michael Rudolf joined PharmaFGP in October 2016. After completing his studies in business administration at the University of Mannheim, he worked for McKinsey & Company until 2010 as a consultant for national and international corporations in industries such as automotive, consumer goods or retail in the fields of M&A and post-merger integration, business strategy, business planning and restructuring. After that, he was responsible for the M&A activities and business development of the Weltbild Group until 2015, where he was a member of the extended board in 2014/15. In addition to implementing strategic transaction and integration projects, he was responsible for operative projects in areas such as supply chain, marketing/sales and purchasing. Before taking up his current role at PharmaFGP, Michael Rudolf was responsible for managing investments and transactions for the digital and online investments of Media-Saturn Holding GmbH.

Michael Rudolf
COO of PharmaFGP GmbH